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Something about Raven



Her story ended for every blood tear that she cried for no one understood the demons she carried inside.

She held on to them tightly afraid to let them go. they were the only ones that loved and caressed her heart and soothed the empty holes.

The days of her blindness was a beautiful darkness no one else could begin see. It was a different kind of light that caused her to be ungodly but the essence of unique.

She held the bosom of darkness so kindly in the palm of her hands and welcomed the unknown for they have shown her a place that she could belong.

Rejected among the ones that love should have been most given shamed and claimed and unholy for no purpose at all.

She questioned over and over wasn’t love supposed to be sanctified and most highest of all.

In her mind spinning… the betrayal, the hurt, and loss. Family, friends, and lovers all had done her wrong.

The feeling… in her veins had somehow changed. The darkness took away all of her pains. Adorned her with kisses and made her never-ending promises that darkness never travels alone . ~ A. Smith 16′

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She walks across the room ‘ with her beauty so fair ‘ she glides along with the grace ‘ that’s beyond compare. For she is a lady in white ‘ her heart is so pure ‘ that’s beyond delight ‘ for those who hold her most dear ‘ can not fight . No other can […]

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The Roots of a Tree



As someone who loves nature, animals and life I look into the skies, watch the trees and love the deer that visit me in my yard and love secretly feeding them sometimes ooopsy 😉 but, how can I not they love apples. I don’t do that too often though, I don’t need trouble and Bambi will forget the woods are the other way lol. My love for the scenery of where I live and the country feel; and the sense of calmness that I get on a great day with just me and nature.

The roots of my tree you strengthen me

an uprising you bring out of me I stand tall

and firm you see?

My branches are long and strong

I am natures finest creature a silent gem to some.

The animals they love me and gather around me

they love to find shelter and cuddle up against me.

The humans take pictures in front of me and

some learn the value of life in me.

My leaves have sense to leave a trace of legacy

they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms

they dance with the wind in celebration of life

what wonderous world we live in some don’t think


The Roots of a tree can teach us a thing or two

if we just take the time to look, listen, and watch it

speaks it soul to us as it shines through no one wants

to believe it a tree talks to you.

~ Alesica Smith 2013


Poems selected from my book in honor of Women’ s History Month






Standing from across the store

You stare at me as if you haven’t any

Other place to look at anymore.

You make faces at me in disgust

You make me feel uncomfortable

In every place that I go and

My feelings feel unjust.

In my mind and heart

I’m not a bad person

Just overweight and oversized to be exact

I have needs

I have feelings in fact.

Others like you don’t know what it’s like

Being trapped

Mocked and shuffled to the side

As if we have no place here to coincide.

I’m tired of trying to defended my space

Here on earth

I used to put every bit of strength I had

To fight the snickering

Bickering about me being FAT

For what it was worth.

Realizing it’s a waste of my time and people

Who stare from across the room

Have something deeper than the looks of I

Disturbing their narrow minds.

I found that through this ordeal

That’s had me down

That actually

I am a beautiful individual and

This life has turned me around

To see all the things they don’t

And won’t see.

I am a beautiful individual

Mastered by the creator

Almighty God

He’s helped me in so many ways that

I’ve survived something

Sent from evil

Now I’m okay

I have the

Best care possible because

I am truly blessed.



Poems selected from my book in honor of Women’ s History Month



I will be posting  one  of my poems  every week from my book in honor of Women’s History Month.  I have also reduced the price of my book for the month of March so don’t hestitate to place your order!. All books will be autographed and no shipping and handling charges will be applied. Take some time out to visit me at www.poetikempress.com.

My first poem posting from Exhale wordz from tha’ soul is titled Woman.  Please feel free to leave your comments here and let me know what you think of my work.


In the lightest moment of her life

The birth of her child gives

The feeling of making every moment count

In this new form of life

A new envision of what it means to be a woman.

Her mind extended to her next dream to be

All that she wills to be

A woman exposed to being discovered as

Having the beautiful grace of what

God has intended for women.

To love

To nurture

To complete and teach as those that come in between

And close to her to share her insight on what is

To be a woman.

Curiosity will draw many near

To learn what some fear

Of what it is

What it means to be a woman in the

Sense of every word of the many faces

That we carry.






Poem of the day


Today’s poem is another one coming from my book Exhale Wordz from tha’ soul. To contact me please visit my website www.poetikempress.com or email me directly at poetikempress@gmail.com.

Sensual lover
You took my hand and my palms began to sweat
My heart started beating faster and faster as
I began to feel the heat of closeness from our touching chests.
I must not forget the way you looked at me when our eyes met
As we began to interconnect
I’ve longed to be with you since we first met.
You placed your hand upon my breast
That was already yearning for your much needed caress and
I couldn’t help myself to escape to another place in my mind
When you placed your lips upon mine.
You kissed me in such a deep passionate way
So much that it’s hard to explain
All I can think of is the taste of strawberries and cream
That seemed to melt within my mouth and bring
Warmth to the sacred place that yearned
For much needed attention.
Once you explored my body and took me to places
I’ve never been
I lie there and pretend that I don’t feel guilty
For what I’ve done with you and vow to
End things with you
Before I commit a double sin.
Going home to my husband wasn’t easy
Since he introduced me and
I was feeling deeply defeated by your touch just hours before.
He could see right through me and
Knew that something was wrong
He questioned me with wondering eyes that seemed
To prey upon me with my every movement.
It’s hard to believe that I have deceived my love
Marriage and happiness for a night with you and
Now you stand between your best friend and I.
How do I get past this love and emotions for my sensual lover
Who suddenly keeps me pacified and flowing for a day
Who is willing to touch me again when his buddy is looking away.
It’s hard to stay away from you since you come over so often
To visit and I wonder which one is it you want to see
Is it him or me?
Sometimes I feel as if I want to break down and cry
But the wondering eyes lurk around like two spies
Searching over me waiting to hear my cheating cries.

Ivy Writer Media



I have to give thanks to my good friend Ms. Kellea Tibbs of Ivy writer media for doing such an awesome job with taking care of me and my work!. I don’t know how I would ever be organized without her!! She’s very professional and business savvy and won’t hestitate on giving you an honest opinion.  She offers a wide variety of services that she provides through her business and I’d highly recommend her in a heart beat to anyone in search of media services. To learn more about Kellea and her business please take a moment to visit her at Ivywritermedia.com