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Dhylles and Dennis, Owners of KatWalk Katerers

Recently I had the honor of running into the phenominal Dhylles Waight owner of KatWalk Katerers. This talented diva has much to be proud of. Her dream of coordinating events and representing talent began when she coordinated her high school prom and her grandparent’s wedding anniversary,and birthday party. While she coordinated these events Dhylles was already modeling with a group in Belize but was uncomfortable with the modeling industry at that time just at the young age of 18. Turning over a new leaf at the age of 31 Dhylles decided to try the field again this time with a whole new vision in view. Modeling again in 2008 and amped with diva power tools stepped it up a notch further and cordinated her first fashion show in August 2008 and continues to carry on her success today.

Building her dream has not been accomplished without the help of the one that supports and shares her dream fiance Dennis Davis together they have built a power team that assist aspiring models in getting their career off the ground giving them the ammunition they need succeed. To give better oppourtunities and as a way to give back they have set dreams aimed for reality for their team knowing, eventually they will become successful entreprenuers themselves!

KatWalk Katerers is a business that strictly thrives on talent and family all the things that seems like a dream are a katwalk away!!. Whether you are an inspiring model or in need of an event coordinater they have the bases covered from models to jewlry designers to make any event kreated by katwalk katerers a successful, fashionable, and fabulous event!.

For more information about Dhylles and KatWalk Katerers visit their website at:http://www.katwalkkaterers.com