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Search for the good — Blue Moon Willow Reiki


Today, is Saturday and I’m going to be honest I’m sitting here wondering what I’m going to write about today. It finally hit me that I should say something about all the hidden things that people miss in their lives that are so wonderful. It is all to often that people pay so much attention […]

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Serenity and The Pen


serenity Serenity Photograph by Lei

Feels good to snap my camera and and scroll my pen put the two together and you get twins lol, I love the arts always have it feels good to be back after being gone for so long. I won’t make promises anymore though, I will leave that up to god and the universe but things have been good so far. That is a blog away coming soon…to much to say about all of that and it wouldn’t hurt to keep curious minds wandering now would it? But, I did manage to be nice enough to write another poem…that I thought I could post for today that will land in another book hopefully, soon. I’m getting too old!! why never!! I’m just a spring chicken!! I hope I inspire anyone who may be having a rough day out there dealing with any type of illness because I know what it’s like just to get a smile in one corner. Love and light to all who may cross my path ❤ ❤ ❤

The Life Test

Stepping back into my element what's healing properties for me
I lost track of time when I thought I was losing my mind I was
fragile, hurting freezing in a moment in time.

I thought I was losing everything, life seemed to be an un-easement
to me nothing seemed to soothe my aches, my pains the loss, the gains
it didn't matter I was in chains.

I come to realize during this moment of appeasement there was one way to heal
my soul to control was what going on inside to end the chaos on the outside of
me to deal with what was on the inside of me because the inside was dying and there
was no pacifying a dying soul.

I must be brave I must be bold there in the balance my life stood still, frozen, and
on hold it took a many of nights my life had run cold vision, after vision soon my story
would unfold there is life in me a life worth living I've been showed.

Knowing, that I have come back here to finish this I can't wait to finish writing about love,
life, and living but, best of all sharing it our time can be cut short when we least suspect it's
one of my greatest lessons learned at best it's not often you get another chance the life living test.

~ Alesica Smith 2013

The Roots of a Tree



As someone who loves nature, animals and life I look into the skies, watch the trees and love the deer that visit me in my yard and love secretly feeding them sometimes ooopsy 😉 but, how can I not they love apples. I don’t do that too often though, I don’t need trouble and Bambi will forget the woods are the other way lol. My love for the scenery of where I live and the country feel; and the sense of calmness that I get on a great day with just me and nature.

The roots of my tree you strengthen me

an uprising you bring out of me I stand tall

and firm you see?

My branches are long and strong

I am natures finest creature a silent gem to some.

The animals they love me and gather around me

they love to find shelter and cuddle up against me.

The humans take pictures in front of me and

some learn the value of life in me.

My leaves have sense to leave a trace of legacy

they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms

they dance with the wind in celebration of life

what wonderous world we live in some don’t think


The Roots of a tree can teach us a thing or two

if we just take the time to look, listen, and watch it

speaks it soul to us as it shines through no one wants

to believe it a tree talks to you.

~ Alesica Smith 2013