Angel Guidance — Blue Moon Willow Reiki


Archangel Gabriel has come to remind you that you have the knowledge and power to do the things that you have been wanting to do. Your role of importance is worthy of acknowledgement by others. You have been having self-doubt about your capabilities. Know that you are well above the capacity and expectation of others. […]

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No one see her tears

It’s so easy to cry when you’re

Slowly dying inside

She feels…No one see’s her.

Inside she holds the largest magnitude of pain

A long-standing volcano deeply enraged

The warmth of her was once loving

has yet long subsided.

She tried to suppress the things that were

Brewing, and have yet to begin

Just to bring some things to a

Definite end.

Once was silent and visibly missing

Not one unshaken soul understood her hinting

A lonely volcano who held silent cries decided

To let go and let someone finally see.

All that she had holding and has yet

To release.

Those that lay in her path finally could see the

Things she had been holding and seeking relief

With understanding the burden is theirs.

They were the ones who that were supposed

to care.


What to expect after Reiki treatment — Blue Moon Willow Reiki


After your session it is recommended to just enjoy yourself into the depths of relaxation. Give yourself time to adjust and fully awaken from being in such a relaxed state. You may want to rest up some as you might be shedding away some of the yuckies. You have to remember you are shedding unwanted […]

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💗💗Love Quite Simple💗💗



Love the  most mistreated free abundant thing in the world. Doesn’t matter if it’s friendship, Marriage,  committed relationship, or family. Someone will abuse the ability to love when it is the highest power of the heart and mind. Why some have the difficulty grasping this tiny element that is flowing within and abound is yet a secret hidden. Have a Luvlei day folks!! Love and Light to you all!! 💞

Shelf of Self



For some of us our kitchen cabinets are all neatly stocked and the shelves are completely full but, somehow we go into the store for one thing and come out with 20. Knowing, full well that our cabinets already have no room and suddenly it’s cluttered and overstocked. We find ourselves frustrated that we’ve managed to put ourselves through this once again.

Sometimes I like to think that our hearts are the same. When a cluttered and over stocked heart is full the hearts cabinet door needs to be de-cluttered and the shelf of self needs to find space. When we are stuck by the heart hinges conflict develops because we love the ones that we are going to have to let go in order to sacrifice for the love of self. Those that we choose to let go will get angry and won’t understand, and will have a negative viewpoint no matter how you try to put it. That was the reason you had to let them go in the first place right? Your heart was overstocked, and your self of shelf was losing support ready to lean. Naturally, everyone now thinks you’re the queen or king of mean.

There are so many of us who sacrifice oneself for the happiness of another when the focus of happiness should be on our own. We do so much for others when we often forget to do for ourselves not realizing that we can do both. But, For some of those that we love they can get selfish and rather have us DO, DO, DO for THEM, THEM, THEM, and that is sometimes, I think at least how we began to forget about ME, ME, ME AND I, I, I, AND LOVING OURSELVES.

Being afraid to de-clutter our hearts from those who hurt us that are supposed to support, love, and care about us and are family, friends, and those that claim they care. This doesn’t mean that you have to hate them it just means that you aren’t open to letting them hurt you anymore. It also means your door hinges are no longer stuck, your shelf of self is free and not leaning bringing smiles on your face and best of all your heart sits in your chest lighter than ever because you never felt so good and this they never understood…not until they de-clutter their own shelf of self…Only you can love YOU better than everybody else.