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Love and Acceptance: The next relationship — Blue Moon Willow Reiki


So…we’re all trying to figure this love thing out and how it’s supposed to work. None of them are exactly the same at all. Well, except in the sense of heartache, drama, and pain. Some are more severe and traumatic than others leaving you scarred and never feeling quite the same. It either leaves you […]

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Search for the good — Blue Moon Willow Reiki


Today, is Saturday and I’m going to be honest I’m sitting here wondering what I’m going to write about today. It finally hit me that I should say something about all the hidden things that people miss in their lives that are so wonderful. It is all to often that people pay so much attention […]

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No one see her tears

It’s so easy to cry when you’re

Slowly dying inside

She feels…No one see’s her.

Inside she holds the largest magnitude of pain

A long-standing volcano deeply enraged

The warmth of her was once loving

has yet long subsided.

She tried to suppress the things that were

Brewing, and have yet to begin

Just to bring some things to a

Definite end.

Once was silent and visibly missing

Not one unshaken soul understood her hinting

A lonely volcano who held silent cries decided

To let go and let someone finally see.

All that she had holding and has yet

To release.

Those that lay in her path finally could see the

Things she had been holding and seeking relief

With understanding the burden is theirs.

They were the ones who that were supposed

to care.