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Something about Raven



Her story ended for every blood tear that she cried for no one understood the demons she carried inside.

She held on to them tightly afraid to let them go. they were the only ones that loved and caressed her heart and soothed the empty holes.

The days of her blindness was a beautiful darkness no one else could begin see. It was a different kind of light that caused her to be ungodly but the essence of unique.

She held the bosom of darkness so kindly in the palm of her hands and welcomed the unknown for they have shown her a place that she could belong.

Rejected among the ones that love should have been most given shamed and claimed and unholy for no purpose at all.

She questioned over and over wasn’t love supposed to be sanctified and most highest of all.

In her mind spinning… the betrayal, the hurt, and loss. Family, friends, and lovers all had done her wrong.

The feeling… in her veins had somehow changed. The darkness took away all of her pains. Adorned her with kisses and made her never-ending promises that darkness never travels alone . ~ A. Smith 16′

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She walks across the room ‘ with her beauty so fair ‘ she glides along with the grace ‘ that’s beyond compare. For she is a lady in white ‘ her heart is so pure ‘ that’s beyond delight ‘ for those who hold her most dear ‘ can not fight . No other can […]

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Love and Acceptance: The next relationship — Blue Moon Willow Reiki


So…we’re all trying to figure this love thing out and how it’s supposed to work. None of them are exactly the same at all. Well, except in the sense of heartache, drama, and pain. Some are more severe and traumatic than others leaving you scarred and never feeling quite the same. It either leaves you […]

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To love is to sin — Blue Moon Willow Reiki


When You love wholeheartedly you will become the thing that is most feared. Your love will be denied and called committed sin~A. S. Schedule a Reiki distance healing with me today so that you can get your life back! $10.00 per session to offer you the flexiblity you need.

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Angel Guidance — Blue Moon Willow Reiki


Archangel Gabriel has come to remind you that you have the knowledge and power to do the things that you have been wanting to do. Your role of importance is worthy of acknowledgement by others. You have been having self-doubt about your capabilities. Know that you are well above the capacity and expectation of others. […]

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