Congratulations to my dear friend Mrs. Dhylles Davis owner of KatWalk Katerers, an up and coming company that offers diversity within the fashion and events industry. What sets this company aside from the rest is that everyone is welcome without the questioning of size, height, shape, size, gender and nationality.

Dhylles brings her advanced knowledge of the field with a start in modeling and dancing at the young age of 8. She has moved on to teach her love for runway modeling and dancing in New York City and Belize Central America. Linking her business with her advanced skills as a life coach she offers the tools any new model would need on the inside while her business KatWalk Katerers enhance what’s on the outside to what’s already beautiful.

Mrs. Davis works in conjunction with her husband Mr. Dennis Davis. Mr. Davis brings to the KatWalk his comprehensive 30 year experience in sales, and his knowledgeable experience in make-up artistry and hair design. As top career planning specialist at Empire Beauty School Mr. Davis inter-links internships within KatWalk Katerers offering students attending Empire Beauty School a start in the field.

KatWalk Katerers is a fashion events co-ordinating & talent development training company that offers starting out fashion enthusiasts the ability to develop, create and use their talent within the industry. I am proud to be able to share with you when great things are being accomplished and created by great people. I applaud them with great success and an expansive future once again congratulations to Dhylles and Dennis Davis for making futures happen!

For more information on KatWalk Katerers and upcoming events visit:




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