Lovas of Music…Meet Mr. Savol


Lovas of  R&B music will be enthused to know that Scott Savol who, at one time in his life wouldn’t let you watch him release the harmonies and melodies that filled his soul.  Taking the stage on American Idol in 2005 created the most beautiful song in Scott’s ears, and this brought forth determination to do what he loved most with all fears set aside.  He finished in the top 5 and has become a household name ever since. Scott has recently been working on a new album in which will be distributed by Warner Bros. Music. He is soon to take the world by storm starting out with promoting his album and new single “Beauty Queen” planning a nationwide tour, hitting 100+ stations across the country. I am in hopes that INSPITE OF IT ALL that my honey considers me his BEAUTY QUEEN and will continue to show me AMAZING LOVE!.  Those are just a few of  the awesome songs that can be heard on Scott’s up coming album.  I can’t wait to enjoy the wordz and soundz of Scott’s music coming from my speakers while rollin’ around in my car. With that said I guess us lovas of music will have to sit tight as the wordz and soundz  are soon to be released!!. For upcoming updates on Scott’s performances and appearances please visit: http://www.scottsavol.com/ You can also find Scott on Facebook and Twitter!


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