Mitchell Fink…face of an angel



Mitchell, hails from the city of Wickliffe a suburb right outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Being the youngest of three Mitchell decided it was time to leave the small close-knit community of Wickliffe to pursue his acting career in 2003.

Mitchell made his first feature film appearance in the 2007 Paramount feature film ZODIAC, starring Jake Gyllenaal and directed by David Fincher. He has continued to excel and grow his career and has guest starred on Cold Case, The Unit, Still Standing, CSI:NY, The OC, the ABC pilot Him & US with Kim Catrall and a recurring role on the hit show CSI and now his latest role in the new web series Soul Fire Rising  as” Gabriel”.

As I sit here thinking about the feeling of being accomplished, and what it takes to get there. I imagine my good friend in the baseball field wings tucked behind his back as he hits the ball out into the open field watching it disappear into the greatness of the sky, never landing. As he reaches each and every base the thought of the distance from whence he came enters his mind. A smile crosses my face in realization yes, indeed my friend you have  made a home run. Continue to excel and do well in all that you dream. I am right behind you….

Mitchell Fink

With his unmistakable, remarkable eyes this angel is one face that will continue to be seen on and off the television screen. For more information and future references on Mitchell’s performances please visit: .

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  1. Mitch-

    Awesome. Good for you! I’ll have to check out some of your stuff. Crazy of things change?!


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