Rebirth of the sun….Phoenix rising!!


Mr. Smith…..Also known as Phoenix steps into the spotlight with a fresh and hip sound unlike any other. Like the bird,  his sound will stop many in their own tracks to listen. He is set for take off to highest flight of flights,  re-birthing and adding fuel to the fire of life. Coming from a single parent household hosted the need to do and be more. Armed with positivity and the vision of setting an example for his younger peers and younger brother he aims at nothing but the target of success!.

Phoenix has always been accustomed to the music world as it all began coming from mom’s living room speakers and into his adolescent years landing him in the studio. Phoenix met Shimmy Shan through a fellow artist signing into a contract with D.T.L.T. Entertainment for a two years (2005-2007). In 1999 Phoenix was a part of a group called Crime Syndicate, who released the album “Luv 4 What I Claim. Deciding to go solo phoenix had begun what is now known as the arrival of the phoenix he has been explosive and non stop ever since. He has recorded four projects which includes the mix-tape “Yardwurk” released in 2007 and hosted by legendary DJ Chicago, and  “Livin-N-Truth”album released  early in 2008.

The Phoenix is never still always soaring,  searching  to land on a better piece of soil, always taking flight moving freely discovering and forever changing… For the time being this bird has found a landing spot (Tampa, Florida)  creating an empire built solely on motivation, determination and the choice to be free and soar around  the world with a bird’s eye view all the greatest things take flight only if you MOVE and be MOVED by the vision that you dream.

The bird has landed and is ready to flight at a moments notice perhaps he may be viewing you with his bird’s eye view and just may take the time to land right next to you….

For more information about Phoenix please visit his website at:


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