May is National Mental Health Month!!


There are millions of people out there who struggle with mental health issues. Then you just have the everyday average person dealing with everyday stresses that come with life  and sometimes that alone can make a person feel like they are moving close to the edge. I know as a single mom sometimes I just wish I could just  disappear because my stress level seems to be overwhelmed. Anyway, here is one of my poems from my book Exhale wordz from the soul dealing with mental issues.  You can order a copy of my book from my website the book is $8.00 for a limited time!!
Shadows stand towering over me
Voices from within scramble
Mumbling things toward me
As trouble seems to surround me.

Fear is what I begin to feel
Not knowing whether the things that
I see are illusion or real.

Crazy is what they call me
Never realizing the trouble
That they actually cause me.

Damage that is already done from a pill that
They’ve given me to put a halt onto the illusions
That have seemed to cause so much confusion
When actually
They make me worse and no one wants to listen
To me chitter and chatter
As I say what I feel from verse to verse.

It is riddled around this universe and no one takes the time
To sit and rehearse the course of hurt
That took me to this place
Called darkness on the earth.

The tone that I have set
Makes it easier for others like me
An easy target for doctors to find and seek
Thinking that they know the answers
For every human
So to speak.

They’re human just the same
And their problems are even more to blame
Which is why they want to rid you of all
Your heartache and pain
So they won’t have to stand there
And feel the same as you and I.

Crazy is what they call me
But in reality
They are just as lost at times
Not letting anyone question they’re professional minds
When you and I know
There is only a matter of time
That they’ll be labeled the same and around in circles
As history repeats itself and craziness is just something
That we all develop within our minds.

No one is willing to lay down their pride
To sit and deal with the voices that makes us decide
The things that happen in our everyday lives
If we listen to ourselves
Then craziness would be just another
Bad day from hell.


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  1. dont know where i’ve been all this time as i jus heard about u
    really empowered by ur poetry check my blog like minded up an coming poet!!!!!!!

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