Interview with Talking with Tami!!

Talking with Tami-January 2009
 PinkSpotlightInterview:Author Alesica Smith!
Hello Alesica I am so proud of you! You have released your very own book Exhale Wordz from Tha’ Soul! Tell us what inspired you to write the book?
 Alesica: Thank you! Well, I’ve been visioning my dream of becoming a published author for a long time. The inspiration to finally complete the task came when I kept having life threatning asthma attacks. With the last attack I actually stopped breathing and while I was recovering I started thinking about the things I’ve always wanted to do and the thought of never being able to complete them scared me. You write so well, take us back to the day you knew you had a gift of writing poetry?
 Alesica: I think I was in the third or fourth grade when my whole class had to write their own story to be printed in a book. My story was called “The duck who loved rainbows”. I’m sure my mom has it around the house hidden somewhere just waiting to be found. Poetry is a very creative art form to me. How do you classify your style in writing it?
Alesica: I don’t know really… I’ve actually never thought about it but, I do try to be unique and realistic. I like to write about things that others can relate to. I also hear a book tour is in the making, you go girl! Tell us what states do you plan on going to?
Alesica: Well, after sharing this awesome moment here with my Hometown people of Cleveland I’m going to be going to L.A. in July so I’ll start there and from there it’s Florida and eventually I’ll be making a stop to visit with you. I can’t wait to see the great peach state and I hope you’re up to showing me around town!! also were in a book called, How I met my sweetheart! I loved that book and read the whole thing on a plane ride to Los Angeles lol. Tell me how you got involved with that project?
 Alesica: It was a contest that I never expected to be involved in I had submitted my story just for the fun of it! I was in such shock when the publisher accepted my story! How I met my sweetheart is a collection of short inspirational love stories written by myself and 17 other authors. It was an honor to work with such talented writers. The publisher of the sweetheart book is also the publisher for Exhale wordz from tha’ soul and I really appreciate the fact that she took the time to see me through to black and white.
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