Poem of the day



Today I will be posting two poems of the day since I missed you all yesterday. Today is the last day of women poet’s of the 1800’s. Next week will start off a fresh new set of women from the 1900’s. The first poet I’m posting a poem from today is by Louise Bogan.

Louise Bogan  reviewed poetry for The New Yorker for thirty-eight years. Her poems were published in the New Republic, the Nation, Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, Scribner’s and Atlantic Monthly. She has also written several books  Body of This Death (1923) and Dark Summer (1929) and The Sleeping Fury (1937). She has also published volumes of her poetry.
The Alchemist by Louise Bogan
I burned my life, that I may find

A passion wholly of the mind,

Thought divorced from eye and bone

Ecstasy come to breath alone.

I broke my life, to seek relief

From the flawed light of love and grief.

With mounting beat the utter fire

Charred existence and desire.

It died low, ceased its sudden thresh.

I had found unmysterious flesh–

Not the mind’s avid substance–still

Passionate beyond the will.


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