I realize I’ve never posted anything here about me so this is going to be my first post of the day since it’s been a little while since my last posting.
Ms. Alesica Smith, known as the “Poetik Empress” to family and friends, resides in Wickliffe, Ohio, just outside of the Cleveland Metropolitan area. 
Having discovered her love for writing at a young age, Alesica  penned her first story called “The Duck Who Loved Rainbows” for a class project.  Having put her own dreams on hold for years as she tended to family and other personal obligations, Alesica became frustrated that she was unable to share her gifts with the world. 
Having overcome obstacles such as being hearing impaired, being labeled a slow learner during her early years as a child, and being told by a teacher that she could never learn another language because she could barely speak English, Alesica has compiled a book of poetry, Exhale: Words of tha Soul (Amani Publishing) that reflects the struggles, trials, and tribulations, that life often brings our way. 
As a “30-Something” woman, Alesica states that, “I am thankful that God has given me another chance to share what could be my greatest moment in life, with others!” 
Inspired by her three children and having almost lost her life to chronic asthma, Ms. Smith feels that all of her experiences in life have given her the strength to understand that life is too short and that writing helps her fulfill her goals and purpose in life, as well as the encouragement to pursue her other artistic talents that include drawing and painting. 
Alesica is happy to be able to pursue her dreams and she hopes that you will find inspiration in her words as she shares with you her life’s journey!

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  1. Hi Ms. Smith
    I want to say that your story has really inspired me. We sometimes don’t realize why we experience technical difficulties but there is definitely a reason. It just takes time to understand why. I also want to thank you for posting my poem entitled: Little Black Girl. This was confirmation for me. Now I know that everything is going to be alright. Thanks for being the messenger. Be Blessed!!!

    • Carol
      Thanks for your lovely comments on my posting it was an honor to place your words on my page! I’m quite sure this won’t be the only time you see your work here!. I like to post a variety of poetry here and I haven’t been very kind to my page here by not updating it often. I was thinking no one out there really reads my page all that much and there was no need to update so often. Because of you I will start up again to continue to recognize the love of the artistic words that us as writer’s lay on never ending sheets of paper!. Thank you for making me feel like my thoughts matter!!.

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