Poem of the day


Today’s poem is another one coming from my book Exhale Wordz from tha’ soul. To contact me please visit my website www.poetikempress.com or email me directly at poetikempress@gmail.com.

Sensual lover
You took my hand and my palms began to sweat
My heart started beating faster and faster as
I began to feel the heat of closeness from our touching chests.
I must not forget the way you looked at me when our eyes met
As we began to interconnect
I’ve longed to be with you since we first met.
You placed your hand upon my breast
That was already yearning for your much needed caress and
I couldn’t help myself to escape to another place in my mind
When you placed your lips upon mine.
You kissed me in such a deep passionate way
So much that it’s hard to explain
All I can think of is the taste of strawberries and cream
That seemed to melt within my mouth and bring
Warmth to the sacred place that yearned
For much needed attention.
Once you explored my body and took me to places
I’ve never been
I lie there and pretend that I don’t feel guilty
For what I’ve done with you and vow to
End things with you
Before I commit a double sin.
Going home to my husband wasn’t easy
Since he introduced me and
I was feeling deeply defeated by your touch just hours before.
He could see right through me and
Knew that something was wrong
He questioned me with wondering eyes that seemed
To prey upon me with my every movement.
It’s hard to believe that I have deceived my love
Marriage and happiness for a night with you and
Now you stand between your best friend and I.
How do I get past this love and emotions for my sensual lover
Who suddenly keeps me pacified and flowing for a day
Who is willing to touch me again when his buddy is looking away.
It’s hard to stay away from you since you come over so often
To visit and I wonder which one is it you want to see
Is it him or me?
Sometimes I feel as if I want to break down and cry
But the wondering eyes lurk around like two spies
Searching over me waiting to hear my cheating cries.

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