Poem of the day



Breathe easy

Breathe light

Breathe for every moment.

It’s a fight I have to fight

Everyday for the rest of my life

Just to struggle to do

The most easiest thing in life.

Inhale the freshness of the air

Inhale deeply

Filling your chest completely

For I cannot

For me it doesn’t come that easy

Just to inhale the wind that is breezy.

Exhale for a moment of relief

When you think that you have the stress

That sits upon your chest

Considered released.

I exhale for the moment to breathe

An easy breath

Without the worry of a tight

Heart wretched painful chest

That struggles to inhale for the air that

I need for a second of rest.

Exhale just to inhale the next moment

The next hour

The next day to live

A life full of fresh air.


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