First photo shoot


Hey everybody!!

I know i’ve been missing in action again lol! I’ve been very busy and amongst  a host of other things that fall into everyday life! Well, I went to my first photo shoot in my life and never have I been good at taking pictures. This time was different though, since I wasn’t using a one time use camera and these were professionally done by my good friend Toia. Toia is an awesome photographer and I really enjoyed modeling for her.  My hair and make-up was done by two talented young ladies Chanda and Eve which they also are apart of the Toia Michelle team. I’m hoping that one of these pictures will become the cover of my book and boy, do I need some help in deciding which one to pick and that’s where you guys will come in at. I’m going to post some of my pictures and take your opinions on which one looks the best! So, if you happen to stop by my page please take the time to let me know what you think!! The title of the book is EXHALE:WORDZ FROM THA’ SOUL SO DON’T FORGET IT’S A POETRY BOOK!! If you’d like to know more about taking pictures with Toia and having your hair and makeup done for your photos with Toia Michelle Images please visit her website at to schedule an appointment. CHECK OUT THE NEXT POST TO SEE PICTURES!!


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