Poem of the day


I’ve decided to post a new poem from a new poetry author. She and I have the same publisher so I thought it would be nice to add some of her work here. Let me know what you think. Once my book is out I promise to share my work with you all.

Here’s an excerpt from the latest book titled, Like Whispers from Heaven, published by Amani Publishing. The title of the poem is, Little Black Girl by Carol R. Griffin. Be sure to check out her new book available at Amazon.com or Amanipublishing.net for only $12.00…

Little Black Girl

For so long I felt worthless

Because my thoughts and ideas didn’t count.

So I kept everything inside

Letting nothing come out.

I was looked down upon

Because of the way I dressed.

Yet I was told if you’re living

Then child you are blessed.

I held on to that thought by keeping it

In the back of my mind.

I knew that it had meaning

But to understand it would take time.

So many times I heard the words

Little Black Girl

Your smile is not pretty.

It would sound so rude and absurd.

As I grew up things were still the same.

I was filled with fear and felt so ashamed.

What do others think of me?

Why am I disliked so much?

What did I do wrong?

These questions I asked so many times.

Yet I never received answers

And still felt like crying.

Little Black Girl

You don’t have any friends

And we don’t want to play.

I’d drop my head and begin to cry

And just walk away.

Little Black Girl,

Your clothes aren’t good enough

And they don’t look like mine.

I’d shake my head and ask, “Why me?”

As tears filled my eyes,

Still I held on to the thought

Of being blessed by being alive.

So the more I was picked on,

The harder I strived.

This Little Black Girl

Was able to look up,

While being looked down upon,

I decided to push forward,

Endure the hardship, and be strong.

This Little Black Girl

Is blessed just to be alive.

So I cherish every moment

As I continue to strive.


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