Newspick of the day


Ed McMahon has a new title these days and I think it’s so funny! This 85-year-old is now a rapper for Free he will be featured in two commercials for them.  We all know Ed from the ‘Tonight Show’ it’s good to see him doing something else and it’s deffinately different since we don’t normally see 85-year-old rappers everyday perhaps he may have started something new amongst the senior citizens and soon we’ll be the ones considered old!! I’ve seen teenagers who don’t have half the spunk as Cloris Leachman from dancing with the stars! That woman cracks me up!! I think she makes the show and I’ll bet she really is hard to keep up with because she has a lot of spunk! Anyway, can’t wait to see Ed’s videos for they’ll be coming out next month so if  you just happen to catch it let me know what you thought about it!!


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