Newspick of the day


I’ve decided to add another category to my blog and thought of all the news in the world I’ll pick just one random story in the news to talk about and it won’t be anything political because It’s just not a subject that thrills me and it never has. What you will find is something that should catch your eye or maybe even some news you haven’t heard that’s my goal to offer something different in the news.

Here’s what I found in the news that interested me today:

A 17 year old spent a night in jail in Florida for wearing baggy pants. The law banning sagging pants was approved by voters in March supporters got 5,000 signatures for this law to be put on the ballot. The teen could have been fined up to $150 or given community service. The judge ruled that wearing sagging pants is unconstitutional based on the facts being limited.

How do you feel about sagging pants and would you approve a law banning sagging pants in your city?


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