Well since my boy Kanye is in the news I thought I’d post a few of the things that this man has been successful at. See he in the spotlight right now for being sent to jail because he didn’t feel like being irritated that day by paparazzi. People need to realize that it should be some type of limitations to this cause sometimes you need your damn space! Heck, think about it if you minding your own business then somebody keep snapping damn pictures in your face and everytime that dang on flasher flashes in your eyes  you get to see all kinds of dots in your eyes  til’ you can focus again. Don’t get me wrong now, the situation probably could have been handled a little differently but, them paparazzi dudes need to know when to back off! So, anyway Kanye is human just like you and me and clearly the man wanted some peace we need to respect these celebrities need to have some time to themselves.  Hell they probably can’t even go to the bathroom without somebody peeking in. Heck, I get irritated when the kids are standing at the bathroom door calling “mommy” and they continuously knock until I finally answer. Think about it would you want to be followed everyday with flashers flashing in your eyes all day?

 1. Kanye’s book    2. Fatburger    3.Kanye travel ventures  4. Pastelle clothing line


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  1. I totally agree with you not every famous person like having people follow every move they make to try to get a little click click…

    Keep up your good work!!

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