I didn’t know anyone involved in the tragic 9-11 attack but, I know that it affected me and millions of others accross the globe. I could not have a page and ignore today’s date and what it means so i’m posting a poem I found while browsing the net. 



Angels There

When faced with insurmountable odds,
When overcome by fear,
When exhausted and really needing help,
There’s always someone near.

Overseeing and protecting,
Keeping a relentless watch on you.
With a gentle grasp upon your hand,
They will pull you through.

In any given circumstance,
Pain, concern, or care,
You’ll never go through it alone,
For there’s alway Angels there.

B.G. Wetherby


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  1. I didnt know anyone from 9-11 either but its just the thought of it that just pains people one how tragic that was and its so sad how no one got to survive on that plane 😦

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