After making a name for himself in the music industry the man became unstoppable wearing hats of many faces. I admire his creativity through his words and his acting keeps me glued to the picture scene that sits in front of me. Setting the pace for his fans that watched him transform from artist, actor, and now entrepreuer. He’s a prime example of a role model for our kids who seek the inspiration of the arts.

COMMON also started the Common Ground Foundation, Hoping to make a difference in the lives of children. Giving them hope, love and a sense of self-esteem. With the goal of helping disadvantage youth’s in mind the foundation offers many services ranging from It’s “Be Empowered program” which focuses on confindence and respect for themselves it offers hands on creative expression, business skills and the learning about their overall mind and body wellbeing. The foundation also offers the read for change program focusing on reading illiteracy hoping to encourage children to read. Under this program a  book club was started called the corner and is available online.

Now, I’ve told ya’ this man wears many hats! He’s moved on into the fashion business! he has parnered with La Coppola Storta on his hat line, Soji, which is sold in its stores in Italy and New York City. Bringing hats back in style and adding an Sicilian twist to it’s flavor brings this hat to a whole new generation of the Paperboy. Upon finding out about his hats I come to think about my dad, his birthday is next month so I now know what my gift for him is gonna be! 


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